Thanksgiving & Giving Thanks day 4

Thanksgiving & Giving Thanks day 4 – Amanda Carpenter-Sutton is an awesome woman who’s heart is as full of love as it is strength and passion. I was in middle school when she and my brother Ian Sutton began dating, and I was in the 8th grade when

they gave birth to my nephew Zach. It’s crazy how much I sincerely miss those days! I would stay the night, sleeping on their sofa, and we would play Nintendo or MTG all night long. Many nights, Ian and Amanda would invite their friends over, and I felt so cool hanging with the “older” crew! I even had a secret crush on a good friend of theirs. Often, Amanda would cook spaghetti, and I still think hers is the best in the world!

Over the years, I sort of fell out of touch with Amanda and her family. I have regretted this so much because she and her family are such good people. Amanda, like her sister Saraha, brother Charles, and the rest of her family, are forever welcoming and accepting of others. They don’t shy from differences, rather they embrace them and celebrate them. Amanda is always thoughtful, and always wiling to offer a helpful hand to a friend in need. And while these qualities are deserving of thanks in their own right, I want more than anything, give her a million thanks for giving my brother unending happiness, love, joy and satisfaction. The most I could ever wish for someone is to be happy and to be loved, and she made sure that Ian was!

Thank you Amanda! I love you!

Amanda, Ian and baby Zachary circa 1999.

Ian, Amanda and Zachary

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